Özdere, Turkey

Idyllic town with 6000 to 12,000 inhabitants approximately 45 km. from Izmir, Turkey 3rd largest city with good international flights and 35 km. from Kusadasi, a city visited by many tourists every summer and also by many large cruise vessels.

Özdere has extremely friendly locals and you will not be affected in the streets or beach by aggressive sellers. You will be met with a smile by the local population and feel that they appreciate that you come to visit their city.

In the Özdere area, there are many opportunities to go on good excursions from Özdere. By far the most exciting places to visit in Turkey are also within a reasonable distance, as Western Turkey both today, but also historically, has been and still is the rich part of Turkey. With the wealth came impressive buildings surrounded by impressive nature.

Campoamor, Spain

Campoamor is situated on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, namely on the Costa Blanca coast app. 50 kilometers south of Alicante. The area has one of the absolute best climates in Europe and has been appointed by the WHO as one of the 3 healthiest places in the world to live with an annual average temperature of 21 degrees. Due to the warm climate Campoamor is suitable for both summer and winter holidays.